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NEXPA Unveils Smart Parking Solution at The Exchange 106 in Malaysia



The Exchange, TRX is a world-class experiential lifestyle destination that sits at the heart of Tun Razak Exchange, Kuala Lumpur's international 
financial district. With over 400 of the world's leading retailers, The Exchange TRX blends an immersive retail journey together with the beauty of nature 
through the 10-acre TRX City Park. 

NEXPA Parking system greets visitor by offerings latest advanced technology of Parking Management System and Video Parking Guidance System. 
You will never forget where you parked your car anymore.

Nexpa’s Smart Parking System not only streamlines the parking experience but also aligns with broader environmental goals. 
By reducing the time spent circling for parking, the smart solution contributes to a decrease in traffic congestion and emissions, 
fostering a more sustainable urban environment. Among the standout features of the smart parking solution are real-time occupancy updates, 
user-friendly navigation assistance, and seamless integration with payment systems.

As The Exchange 106 embraces the future with open arms, this cutting-edge smart parking solution stands as a testament to its commitment 
to providing not just a space to work and visit but an unparalleled experience. 
The integration of technology into everyday life is not just a convenience; 
it's a step towards a smarter, more sustainable future.