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Video-analytics Technology

NEXPA’s leading video-analytics technology is based on the machine-learning algorithms.
In the car park, it detects the approaching cars and recognizes the license plate number of
moving/static vehicles also track them automatically. Starting from 95%, the accuracy level of
license plate recognition continuously increases close to 99% by accumulating data.
The recognition speed is within 0.8 second. Furthermore we are now working on the vehicle
color, shape and maker recognition feature using the video-analytics technology.

Over 60% of NEXPA’s member is R&D and technology personnel. We are constantly
struggling for delivering the technological innovation to enhance parking experience
for both of car park customers and administrators also to increase the quality
and reliability of our solution.

Cloud computing technology

Cloud-based Operation Platform

The traditional physical server is already moving toward a cloud server.
In future, cloudcomputing service will be inevitable to live in the smart city with the
internet quality development. It will make it easy to access to the program from every places.
NEXPA is currently working on preparing cloud-based car park operation
platform for future social environment.

next vision Technology

Autonomous-car Parking Guidance (coming up)

The Autonomous-car Parking Guidance is the most advanced future parking solution that
NEXPA is currently planning. The concept is linked closely to the development of connected car. The existing
solution transfers the signal and data to the central operation platform and displays the related
information to guide drivers. However, the state-of-the-art future solution will guide vehicles directly
transmitting the analysis data to the connected car in real time. The solution will help the autonomous
car to reduce the time to search the available parking lot and stay safe.
The benefits of solution are its much higher efficiency, and convenience for the better quality of life.