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NEXPA System successfully completes a showcase of ‘INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT’ which automates the driverless valet parking.


  NEXPA System successfully completes a showcase of ‘INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT’ which 

  automates the driverless valet parking in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and Bosch Korea.


  -Showcasing automated valet parking function installed in the S-Class and interacting with the NEXPA Indoor Navigation 

Guide / Smart Parking Platform and Bosch’s AVP(Auto Valet Parking) feature operated through a smartphone application 

                           -Consumers and parking facility operators benefit from the use of automated parking technology 

                           -The feature is available in pre-connected parking facilities, and will be applied according to laws 

and regulations of each country


   NEXPA System, a leading company specializing in smart parking platform and traffic law enforcement solution provider 

   with our proprietary video-analytics technology, and Mercedes-Benz, Bosch Korea, a leading global supplier of 

   technology and services, had collaborated and showcased INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT, automated valet parking 

   technology installed in the S-Class, at the NEXPA System building in Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea on April 25. 


   NEXPA’s IP camera based parking guidance system enables parking lots to minimize traffic congestion by guide drivers  

   to available spaces efficiently. INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT is a technology that enables the vehicle to move safely at a 

   low speed without the driver to an empty parking space and park itself when the driver activates the feature using 

   a smartphone application after stopping and exiting the vehicle in a designated drop-off area. 


   The usecase & operation scenario is that the driver can securely park the vehicle in a designated drop-off area of the  

   parking facility, and after all passengers have exited they start the parking procedure using the smartphone App. The 

   installed NEXPA vPGS and Bosch infrastructure in the car park check whether a suitable space is available or was 

   already reserved for the vehicle. If so, the Automated Valet Parking systems confirm the handover of the vehicle for the 

   driver in the App, and they can leave the car and depart. The vehicle is then started automatically and moves driverless 

   to its parking space with the help of the NEXPA vPGS and Bosch infrastructure system installed in the parking facility. 

   Upon return, the driver can let the vehicle drive to a designated pick-up area by smartphone command. 


   Through this collaboration between NEXPA System, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch Korea, the automated valet parking 

   technology is expected to have several benefits: Drives will no longer have to search for a parking space and can save 

   time once they arrive to their destination; and parking facility operators can maximize the efficiency of their facilities and 

   offer additional services such as charging, washing, and vehicle maintenance. This solution enables an automated 

   parking service that gives customers even more comfort and relief in everyday life.    


   This collaboration will broaden the impact of NEXPA System, opening up possibilities for integration and value-adding 

   services for existing and future partners & customers of NEXPA, Bosch & Mercedes Benz.