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NEXPA’s Enhanced Customer Service Management Solution for Mercedes-Benz car service center in Singapore.



Cycle & Carriage’s Mercedes-Benz car service center in Singapore Select’s 

NEXPA’s enhanced customer service management solution.


Cycle & Carriage is a leading automotive group in Southeast Asia. They distribute retail and 

provide aftersales Services for new and used vehicles in Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar.


In Singapore, they carry a diverse stable of vehicles from Citroen, DS Automobiles, Maxus, Mercedes-Benz, 

Mitsubishi to Kia. They are also Singapore’s largest certified pre-owned car dealer (Republic Auto) and the distributor 

for BYD forklifts. Cycle & Carriage has been a partner of Mercedes-Benz for over 60 year. The Mercedes-Benz car 

service center in Singapore was the first ever to be unveiled in Asia. The center is equipped with modern facilities 

such as fashion shows, concerts, exhibitions etc. They selected NEXPA’s smart parking solution for their systematic 

operation of car service center. To achieve exceptional customer experience, NEXPA integrated it with service booking 

application for seamless appointment process including real-time status updates and a direct line of communication 

between customers and the service advisor.


NEXPA has brought an enhanced customer service management solution for Cycle & Carriage. By utilizing license plate 

recognition, visual parking analytic, and service flow automation the solution via mobile application platform will revolutionize 

the customer experience while helping automakers, service centers and car dealers meet covid-19 safety requirements.



Service flow:



1. License plate recognition provides entry to the vehicle on arrival and alerts the center to its presence.

2. The driver completes an automated check-in on the service booking app.

3. Vehicle Guidance feature in Customer Service Module directs the driver to a designated space and staffs

are notified that the driver has arrived via LED/LCD Display and Any Kiosk & Mobile 

(NEXPA Digital Media API enable Plug & Play type of integration to any media).

4. While the vehicle is in the workshop real-time repair status and estimated time of completion is provided to 

the driver via the service booking app. Through the app, the driver can keep up to date with the progress 

of their vehicle, live-chat with an advisor, and complete payment.

5. Once the vehicle is in the final stages of preparation, the driver is notified via the app and provided with guidance to collect their car.

6. Drivers can then provide feedback and retrieve their invoices from the app. As they exit the facility, 

LPR will automatically open the barrier and trigger a personalized message.


      Benefits for the Business:

1. Through automation, manpower can be minimized – personnel no longer  

need to be present to provideaccess to the facility or meet the driver.

2. Meaningful data can be captured to use for future opportunities.

3. An overview of vehicles at the facility can provide enhanced traffic management.

4. In-app communication makes upselling possible.

5. Resources and personnel can be managed more efficiently.


 Benefits for the Customer:

1. License plate recognition provides automatic access to the driver who can enter the facility without interacting with machines. 

2. Parking guidance, NEXPA’s VPGS, directs the driver directly to a parking space, minimizing the time they spend in the facility.

   And, on return to their vehicle, the app directs them to their car.

3. With features such as instant booking confirmation, updated vehicle status, timely reminders, service transparency, 

ready assistance and access to records the this app provides a customer-friendly experience.




The Enhanced Customer Service Management Solution combines license plate recognition, Vehicle Analytic technology,
a user-friendly mobile application platform, and a comprehensive admin portal to create a seamless, convenient, safe, 

and contactless service process for customers and an efficient & robust system for service manager and facility managers.
And it will meet customers’ requirement under Post-Pandemic environment.